Back and Shoulders Massage

Suffering from physical pain? Want to get released? The Thai Massage Center in Tel Aviv invites you to a back and shoulder massage that will help you feel better. The treatments at the institute are provided by professional Thai therapists who use traditional and modern treatment techniques.

Back-shoulder massage: Just what you need now.

Various types of massages have been popular in ancient history in China, India and Egypt. These types of massages are now cataloged in the field of alternative medicine. A back and shoulder massage focuses on the upper body. It is used in order to relax, release tension and improve the patient feelings. The back and shoulders are very significant parts of the human body. Our posture depends on our back, and the key for a healthy posture is strong back and shoulder muscles. Almost every action is based on the back and shoulders, therefore taking care of the back and the shoulders can improve our posture and our daily function. Back and shoulders massage helps soothe the back and relief the muscles. The back muscles and vertebrae get breathing space by a pampering and stimulating massage.

Benefits of back and shoulder massage

A back and shoulders massage has several notable health benefits:

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Back and shoulders massage is based on the assumption that a hand touch can alleviate pain and elevate the soul. The massage can relieve the pain of those who are suffering from temporary or chronic pain, but it is also suitable for those who doesn’t suffer from pain and only want to relax. The massage focuses on all the back and shoulders area including the lower back, the pelvic, the back muscles, the spinal vertebrae, the head, the shoulders and the arms. A good masseuse will know how to communicate with the patient and adjust the pressure exerted on the patient’s body. Here, at the Thai Massage Center, the masseuses are professional and got their experience in both Israel and Thailand. The massages we provide to our customers are adapted to the patient’s request when you can choose between an hour, a half hour or a two hours massage.

Feeling stressed? We can help We can help with professional back massage

Sitting in front of the computer caused a stiff neck? Feeling stressed? It’s time for you to take a break from your busy life style and come get a massage. The Thai Center Massage is located on Ben Yehuda 49 Tel Aviv. Here we offer a pampering back and shoulders massage that will be given to you by the best Thai masseuses. We’re inviting you to schedule a treatment right now.

Schedule a treatment now because you deserve it!

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