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How many hours a day do you stand on your feet? How many hours a day do you wear shoes while your feet can’t breathe and don’t have free movement? The Thai Massage Center invites you for liberating experience. Come and get a foot massage from a professional Thai masseuse.

Foot Massage/ Reflexology

Foot massage is a treatment that focuses on the feet and on the bottom part of the legs (up to the knees). The Treatment improves the overall feeling of the patient and helps to replenish the energy throughout the patient’s body.

Reflexologyis an alternative method of diagnosis and treatment of the foot. This method of treatment is based on the assumption that the foot contain a map of all body organs. The treatment is based on observation and contact with the foot in order to diagnose and treat defects in the body.

So what’s the difference between reflexology and foot massage? In contrast to reflexology which is done only by hands, foot massage is done by combining different accessories, for example a special stick that enable different kinds of pressure. Those accessories upgrade the treatment.

In the Thai Massage Center we combine techniques from the reflexology world in our foot massage in order to provide the ultimate treatment.

Suffering from physical pain? Want to get released? The Thai Massage Center in Tel Aviv invites you to a back and shoulder massage that will help you feel better. The treatments at the institute are provided by professional Thai therapists who use traditional and modern treatment techniques.

Benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology

Foot massage and reflexology has several notable health benefits:

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Reflexology therapy is based on the idea that the feet have nerves that counterpart all the organs in the body. According to reflexology, the connection between the areas of contact on the foot and the body organs is mutual, and when there is an injury in a particular organ,

the point associated with it in the foot will be harmed as well. The treatment includes a gentle massage of the pressure points in order to improve blood flow to the affected area. The massage is carried out in a special basin and combine various creams and oils.

Many confuse reflexology therapy for foot massage, therefore it is important for us to explain the differences. First of all, reflexology is done using only hands, while in foot massage there is a use of additional aids. Another difference is the method of pressing and the points that are being pressed. The reflexologist will focus on the foot alone and press it very gently while a foot masseuse will also press on the ground between the foot and the knee. At the Thai Massage Center you can set up an appointment for a reflexology

treatment and a foot massage, or you can combine the treatment with a full body massage. If you chose to schedule a combined treatment (feet and body), you will have to book a minimum of 90 minutes appointment.

We spend most of our day on our feet, our feet carry us and our body weight for many hours without rest no matter what comfortable shoes we wear, body weight and walking or sometimes standing with extra weight like bags, shopping bags affect body posture and pillar The spine. Our feet reflect the condition of the whole body. Both physically and mentally and it is worthwhile and advisable to give them time off from time to time and pamper yourself with reflexology treatment of the feet.

What is reflexology

Reflexology based on reflex and reflection, ie reaction and reflection, is a unique ancient treatment method that concentrates on the feet and also on the lower part of the legs up to knee height. The reflexology treatment provided by pressing the feet in precise places improves the general feeling, and renews the energy and vitality of the whole body. The basic assumption of this unique method is that in the feet there is a map of all the organs of the body ie that every organ in our body has a representative place in the feet and defects in the body systems can be diagnosed by observing and touching the feet. It is common to add foot massages, performed in institutes that specialize in various massages, also presses on the feet according to techniques from the world of reflexology.

Where to get reflexology

Today you can get reflexology treatment from people who specialize in reflexology and also in institutes that specialize in various massage methods for muscle release and body relaxation. It is worthwhile and important to know for all those interested in reflexology treatment, Tel Aviv is a good place to find an institute that provides reflexology treatment.

What is reflexology Tel Aviv

Reflexology Tel Aviv – the effective way to find reflexology treatment in Tel Aviv online .. So if you live in the central area and also in Tel Aviv and are interested in ordering reflexology treatment, all you have to do is type in the search bar on Google Reflexology Tel Aviv, find the website of an institute that offers a variety of massage treatments And also reflexology treatments and easily order a reflexology treatment after which you will feel alert and vital, you will be filled with orange again and you will feel like you are walking on clouds.

For whom reflexology is suitable

Reflexology treatment is suitable for all ages, from infants, children, and teenagers as well as adults and the elderly, everyone can enjoy reflexology treatment and it is important to know that reflexology treatment is not only pleasant but also preventive treatment that can greatly help the body deal with chronic diseases such as headaches. Allergies, breathing problems, orthopedic problems as well as digestive problems, sleep disorders, fertility problems and hormonal imbalances. The reflexology method has also proven itself in maximum benefit in mental states such as: anxiety, depression and situations of ongoing stress. At the beginning of treatment the patient is asked about his medical history and general condition, and then makes a diagnosis by observing the examining feet, bone structure, muscle tone, color block, swelling temperature and more.

What is the source of reflexology treatment

Reflexology was originally practiced in ancient China. Reflexology was originally practiced in ancient China. In modern times the method has evolved as it is accepted today by William Fitzgerald who was an ENT doctor in the previous century in 1913. The method has been refined over time since the 1930s and has developed and even become very common and accepted in the Western world. In Israel, reflexology has become extremely popular and today it is possible to receive reflexology in many localities, in institutes that specialize in various massage methods. The reflexology method maps our feet and divides the body into making parts of equal length as the number of toes in the hands and feet. Reflexology, is originally a holistic method and looks at nature and the human body through four elements: air, water, fire and earth. Accordingly the foot is also divided into four parts with each part representing and reflecting a different element in nature. Each element has unique effects on various organs in our body as well as on the mental and emotional system. The reflexology method is based on the philosophy that believes that all the different mental and physiological body systems are interconnected and all are reflected in the feet and palms. Each point on our foot actually represents a different organ in our body and the various techniques of pressure and contact energetically affect the body systems and therefore body to mind should not be separated and the source of the problem should be diagnosed and not focus on its symptoms in the body.

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Foot massage. Because your feet deserve rest

Life is a race, and all along you are on your feet. With shoes, flip-flops or just barefoot – your feet are there for you. Now is the time to stop the race and pamper your feet with a foot massage. The Thai Massage Center is located at 49 Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv, and offers you foot massages by professional Thai masseurs. We invite you to schedule treatment now.

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