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Working, taking care of the kids, grocery shopping, and running errands – you are living at a dizzying pace which cause your muscles a daily load. We are inviting you to an oil massage that will restore your body the flexibility and freshness that it needs.

What is an oil massage?

Massages had been given since the dawn of human civilization. In Chinese records from 3000 years ago, references to various massage and body treatments can be found. With time and life’s events, the muscles condense and lose flexibility, which causes poor body function. For this reason various massages and treatments have been developed, including the oil massage. The oil massage is suitable for both grown and young people. It is based on the use of essential oils which affect the digestive system, the respiratory tract – and, of course, the muscles. Besides alleviating the body, the massage also helps for relaxation, and brings about a more stable and healthier sleep.

The massage is suitable for adults and young people and is based on the use of essential oils that affect the nervous system, digestion, and respiration – and of course the muscles. Apart from relieving the body, the massage also helps in calming and relaxing and brings a more stable and healthy sleep.

Why to choose an oil massage?

Oil massage has several notable health benefits:

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Oil massage is suitable for treating back pains, to relieve tension, to strengthen the hormonal system, and more. The massage is performed on a treatment bed and begins with a preliminary inquiry which helps to understand the points in them the patient feels discomfort. During the massage, the masseuse will use various oils and will massage different muscle groups in the patient’s body. In addition, the masseuse will stretch and circulate the patient’s joints and muscles. The intensity of the treatment will change from patient to patient, when the success of the treatment depends on the practitioner’s ability to communicate with the patient and his understanding which areas of the patient’s body are in need for treatment. The intensity of the treatment will also be adjusted to the patient’s age, state of health, and other variables. An oil massage usually takes between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the patient’s need and request. In many cases, it is recommended to choose a series of meetings in order to ensure better results.

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Sitting in front of the computer caused a stiff neck? Feeling stressed? It’s time for you to take a break from your busy life style and come get a massage. The Thai Center Massage is located on Ben Yehuda 49 Tel Aviv. Here we offer a pampering Thai massage that will be given to you by the best Thai masseuses. We’re inviting you to schedule a treatment right now. We invite you to schedule treatment now.

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