There are few words in Hebrew that can be misspelled and yet be understood and forgiven, they are the same words that are spelled in many variations but sound exactly the same when spoken aloud. The masag thai word pair is probably among the single words with the most written forms, and most of them are likely to be syntactically incorrect. In the case of Thai massage, it doesn’t matter! Especially when it comes to a word whose meaning is so inspiring!

Massage as a way of life

There is a lot of talk these days about leading a healthy lifestyle and the consequences of such a lifestyle. There are those who do not give up running or walking every morning or within an hour after a working day, while maintaining a balanced meal. Doesn’t sound very fun yet.

What if we told you that you can lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it? As much as possible?

We may have to take a short trip to distant Thailand to try and understand – massage in Thailand is a way of life. More and more families have made the concept of massage the center of their lives. Many people say a little prayer before each procedure and turn the practice into a real profession, and also enjoy it. There is no reason why we cannot take this approach and enjoy the benefits of massage therapy. There are many types of massage such as deep tissue massage, cupping therapy, Swedish massage, Thai massage and others.

Usually, most massage clinics appear in the center of the country in the Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv area, but nowadays there are more and more of them located throughout the country.

Nowadays, Thai style or any other style is not just a pampering or an opportunity to celebrate a wedding anniversary or a birthday present. It has definitely become a necessity. There are even those who have made it a routine once or twice a week. This is especially true for those who work in an office, where they mostly have sedentary work, or those who have a standing job, on the contrary. One to two hours of massage a week is not expensive and can even be addictive

Thai style and mood

It is safe to say that times have changed. It really was easier before. It is modernization and technological progress that havet all people in an endless race. It seems that today’s life simply requires more from us, we are not able to switch off and on, which increases the level of mental load.

So yes, it’s safe to say that there used to be less phone screen time and less work hours, less anxiety and stress. Our parents and grandparents did not fly to resorts twice a year and did not change a new phone every year. And the work was not sitting in the office, but in the field or with your hands, which at least could give physical activity. It used to be really easy!

Many studies prove that there is a close relationship between the state of mind and the health of the body, as unexplained pains in the body that appear without warning are mainly caused by mental tension, anxiety and stress. The modern race in our life does not contribute to the order in the soul. On the contrary, it causes insomnia – the feeling of sleeplessness at night due to insane anxiety about debt, the fear that grips you when you don’t know how you can buy groceries the next day, because the account is already in the red, a feeling of helplessness  that there is something else in the world that you do not have. Today, the main treatment and overcoming of depression and anxiety is carried out with the help of drugs prescribed by psychiatrists and psychologists. But this is not the only way, there are other ways to cope with a large mental load without the need to take pills, and this is through Thai massage.

There are, of course, many other types of massage that will help you cope with protracted stressful situations, accompanied by bodily and muscle pain, but we will be happy to introduce you to the benefits of Thai massage.

What is Thai style?

Thai massage is a massage method that comes from the world of alternative medicine and is based on the philosophy of Chinese medicine. Some claim that it also comes from India after it was invented by Buddhist monks two thousand five hundred years ago over a long distance. See Wikipedia

In Thailand, Thai massage is also called “passive yoga” or “traditional Thai massage” for the reason that it incorporates traditional techniques unique to Thailand and is so named because of the exercises and postures that slightly resemble yoga practice. The massage is performed on a mattress on the floor to use the masseuse’s weight to perform the exercises. According to the principles of the method, “energy lines” run along the body called “meridians” in Chinese medicine, through which heat actually enters the body blood circulation. During the massage, the masseuse presses and touches those points that are particularly sensitive in order to relax the muscles and increase the energy level in the body. Thai massage can be uncomfortable due to pressure and tension but at the end of the procedure you will feel fresh and light, it will also help get rid of headaches, back pain and insomnia.

Thai style and health of the body and spirit After a professional massage, you will immediately feel the effect, become energetic and full of vitality! But we have already mentioned above the impact of modern everyday life on the health of the mind and body, so the day mayl come when we will again feel the same feeling – pain, stress and throbbing. Therefore, it is recommended to make it part of your daily routine. A special massage method performed by an experienced and professional team of therapists will keep you at a high level of energy and vitality in both body and mind!

Before we rush to take unnecessary medications, we can try more holistic ways that will definitely cause no harm.

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About Us

The Thai Massage Center is the largest and leading Thai massage center in Israel. We offer a wide range of massages performed by a large and experienced team of therapists specializing in all traditional treatments, focusing on different parts of the body such as: head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs. The clinic is located in the heart of Tel Aviv at 49 Ben Yehuda Street. Open every day of the week, including Saturday!

The spa recreates an authentic Thai atmosphere to create the feeling that you are in the heart of Bangkok and  even the massage staff is dressed in traditional Thai uniforms. The aroma of incense,  soothing music, dimmed light, silence that is so palpable – all that remains is to give the body a little rest.

Where can you find it?

What could be nicer than getting different types of massage treatments at a Thai massage center? Our massage in the center of Tel Aviv is the same as a massage at your home only in an authentic atmosphere and with top-level professional masters.

The Thai massage center invites you to an unforgettable experience, a gentle and professional massage that you will not forget. You can choose from all types of massage the one that suits you the most. To order a procedure click here

No matter what you want to call it, you will end up in the same place – and that’s the main thing!

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