The search for the perfect massage seems endless. However, you don’t have to travel to Thailand to enjoy an authentic Thai experience. In the heart of Tel Aviv, a Thai massage clinic offers a wide range of professional treatments and massages in a traditional Thai atmosphere.

Massage not only for the body, but also for the soul

Indeed everyone had to “burn” a lot of time thinking about where to go today. Where to spend time? In everyday reality, where we are looking for every moment to relax, massage treatments are the perfect solution.

A couples spa treatment with oil or foot massage is the best gift you can give yourself and your partner. This is a beautiful time to relax, treat yourself and even look at life from a different angle, releasing endorphins and balancing the body’s energy.

The soul of a person affects the health of the body. A relaxing and liberating massage will give the soul exactly what it needs to “hold” the body.

Variety of massages and treatments

We all know that life in Israel is very stressful and eventful.  That is why we need the ability to ‘stop and switch’ so we can  rest and recover     Sometimes we want to celebrate a special event or a significant date.  To do this, more and more spa resorts are opening.,  you can celebrate in a hotel spa or celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary  in a double spa. The task of all of us is to choose the best places for this and find out from the reviews which ones are recommended in Tel Aviv. Thai Massage Center is a massage clinic based on the purity of the Thai massage method. The spa is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, where you can find massage packages and treatments just like in Thailand. So what spa packages can you find in Tel Aviv?

Thai massage. There are many types of massage, to be precise, there are about 150 different massage methods. Thai massage is an ancient massage technique that originates from ancient Chinese medicine and Buddhist monks – see Wikipedia

Applying pressure and stretching to the patient’s strategic contact points results in increased energy levels in the body and relaxation of the muscles. In Thailand, this method is considered to be the leading method in the field of massage and is also called “yoga massage” due to the exercises and positions that resemble those of yoga.

Thai Massage Center invites you to take a break from your routine and return to Thailand in the heart of Tel Aviv with a team of professional Thai therapists who will give your body and soul the feeling of Thailand!

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Back massage – shoulders – massage by squeezing and pressing areas of the upper body in order to relax the muscles. The back, neck, and shoulder muscles are adjacent and act on each other all the way to the lower back. If you suffer from lower back pain, it may be due to muscle tension in your shoulders or neck. Therefore, competent short exposure using traditional methods by professional massage therapists will relieve pain and bring satisfaction. For shoulder, and back treatment  click here

Reflexology – in alternative medicine, there are a lot of diagnostic methods. Reflexology is one of them. According to this method, the foot is actually a kind of “map” of all the organs of the body. By pressing and touching certain points on the foot,  various problems can be diagnosed and treated – see Wikipedia.

Foot massage is a technique that focuses on the feet and lower legs, among other things, to balance the flow of energy in the body and improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and improve posture, among many other healing properties. The Thai foot massage is also performed using additional accessories that add extra value, such as a massage stick that is pressed on strategically important points.

  Have you ever wondered how long we stand on our feet during the day? Or how many hours do we wear tight shoes that don’t let our feet breathe?  Thai Massage Center invites you to try an authentic Thai foot massage, which combines various reflexological techniques to increase the procedure’s effectiveness. You will get a feeling of absolute freedom for your feet! To book a treatment, click here

Oil massage – to say that massage with oils is the most relaxing massage would not be so far from reality. This is especially important because we live at a dizzying pace: work, children, shopping, agreements, success and disappointments. We have to be constantly on edge. Massage with essential oils improves the nervous system, digestion, respiration and muscles – this is exactly what we need. In addition to all the benefits mentioned, oil massage also helps to relax, release endorphins and improve sleep.

Essential oils are oils that relax, relieve pain, and improve mood. During the massage, the use of essential oils improves skin texture.

The use of oils makes the procedure more pleasant and relaxing – perhaps that is why it is considered the most pleasant massage.

The Thai massage center invites you to an unforgettable experience from the qualified work of our specialists in an authentic Thai atmosphere. Just lie down, close your eyes and relax, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Guided imagination is a breathtaking experience!

Although today it is difficult to find a person who has not experienced Thai massage, whether it is a spa in Israel or in Thailand,  there are those among us who have not tried it yet. Then this is for you. Together with you, we will try to demonstrate a guided imagination to illustrate the experience that our clients have. Now close your eyes and imagine the following scene: After a long and rough day at work, you arrive at a real Thai aroma spa where you are greeted by a team of Thai massage therapists who begin a relaxing and gentle oil massage to the sound of relaxing music.

You feel the motion of the masseuse’s hands on your skin, the muscles begin to relax, breathing becomes more even, and the pulse beats slower. You surrender to touch – the pressure of varying intensity and the pleasure of a massage.

If you feel like you are starting to fall asleep, then we did everything right!

This is exactly what we offer you.

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Decided to go for a massage? Do you live in Tel Aviv and would like to visit Thailand? It’s the time! You’ve been warned, it’s addictive!

Search Google for “recommended massage therapist Tel Aviv” and enter the Thai massage center. We invite you to a real Thai treatment experience.   All our treatments are performed by a team of professional Thai masseuses who have been trained and certified. The Thai massage center is located in the heart of Tel Aviv on the busy central street of Ben Yehuda. The place itself is decorated in traditional Thai style to enhance the experience. To reserve your spot today, click here

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